"Until they made contact, I’d not previously heard of the London based Alt-Folk trio (and sometimes more) The Greeners, but this unforgettable single is sure to change that for many. From the very opening of their new single ‘Old Street’, it’s clear that they are far from typical. From the deep resonance of Gus Seymour’s cello, the listener is cut adrift and then lifted by the exceptional vocals of Sonya Cullingford as they revisit home... Forget their influences; this trio is refreshingly original in every sense of the word." - Alex Gallacher, Folk Radio UK (read the full review here).

 "Around this time of night I like to listen to some rootsy drumming, authentic double bass, Tom Waits guitar lines and two people having an almost indecent amount of fun together. Meet The Greeners."  - Tom Robinson, BBC Radio 6 Music